Welcome to Ink Smith, Inc.

Ink Smith, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of top quality caulking, sealants, and waterproofing serving the Chicagoland area. We have been in business for more than 30 years and our location on the NW side of Chicago offers great access for contractors working in the city. We also offer delivery in the city and the surrounding suburbs – often times the same day the order is placed.

Ink Smith was purchased in 2012 by Pro Fastening Systems, Inc. Pro has three other locations in the Midwest and has been serving professional contractors since 1980. Ink Smith has added to Pro’s line of caulking and sealant products with new products and new markets. Additionally, Ink Smith now has access to Pro’s huge inventory of fasteners, roofing products, HVAC, drywall, and metal construction products. If it is a caulk, sealant, waterproofing products, or commercial fastener, Ink Smith will have you covered.

We stock quality products from top tier manufacturers like BASF/Sonneborn and Tremco. We also stock the caulking tools and accessories you need to make your job run smoothly. You’ll find our online catalog on the profastening.com site. Contact us today and find out what Ink Smith can do for your business.

Ink Smith, Inc. 3352 North Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60641-4004